Tony Padron, Mykelti Brown’s Fiance: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Tony Padron is the fiance of Mykelti Brown from TLC’s show Sister Wives. On the premiere episode of the season, a shock wave hits the family when they meet Mykelti’s boyfriend and find out that he wants to marry their daughter. People reports that Mykelti recently celebrated her bridal shower in Las Vegas, Nevada and Mykelti appeared to be thrilled. Get the rundown on the couple’s relationship in our 5 Fast Facts on Padron below.

The Couple’s Engagement Seemed to Conflict With Another Family Member’s Engagement

When it came to Tony asking Kody for permission to marry Mykelti, Mykelti was the one who actually asked if Tony could speak with her father. Mykelti’s parents were probably not as receptive as she would have hoped. Kody admits to being shocked by the idea when he first heard. Mykelti’s mother and Kody’s other wives all appeared to be very surprised as well, especially since she is just 19 years old. However, Kody’s daughter Madison, who was engaged at the time, was the same age. There seemed to be a common opinion that Madison (Maddie) was more mature. Also, there was a concern that Madison should have her time in the spotlight, just as Mykelti should have her time to enjoy being a bride as well.

Kody Brown and his wives are fully planning and getting ready for Caleb and daughter Madison’s wedding when they find out that Mykelti wants to tie the knot. Kody says he worries about Mykelti disrupting Madison’s moment.

Mykelti and Tony Can’t Get Married In Tony’s Church Because of Her Parents’ Lifestyle

Dad Kody says that Mykelti originally wanted to move to Washington state, but no one had the money to fund her trip. Instead, she was able to go to St. George. While there, Mykelti met Tony. Finding out about Tony’s wanting to marry Mykelti, Kody says that Tony shows a lot of character by becoming a part of the Mormon church. Unfortunately, Mykelti is not able to join Tony’s church because her parents are part of a polygamous lifestyle. Mykelti’s parents have been “married” for 26 years.

Tony told Kody that faith is a big deal to him and he still loves Mykelti even though she has been rejected by the Mormon church. Because Mykelti isn’t baptized, they cannot get married in the temple, which is disappointing to Tony. But, he says that if God wants it to happen, it will happen.

Tony Has Agree to Accept the Idea of Plural Marriage

A plural marriage is not something that Tony wishes to adopt, but Kody Brown asks that Tony accept the idea and never discourage it from his own children. Tony says he understands as he was originally raised as Catholic before becoming a Mormon. Kody also asks that they wait at least a year to have kids, but Tony doesn’t necessarily agree with Kody. He does agree, however, to remain “pure” until getting married.

When Tony originally asked out Mykelti, she first said no and rejected him. Upon hearing that Mykelti came from a polygamous lifestyle, he wasn’t on board with having multiple wives himself. Mykelti made sure that her man did ask for permission to marry her from Dad Kody, which is something Kody definitely respected from Tony. Kody Brown’s biggest concern about Tony wanting to marry Mykelti was that they were rushing into marriage after just a few months of dating. Kody said he wanted to know if Tony would “step in front of a truck” for his daughter.

Mykelti’s Employers Gave Her Parents Some Background On Her Relationship With Tony

Chris and Dawn are almost like surrogate parents to Mykelti, according to Dad Kody, and they even gave her a job at their pawn shop, Family Pawn. They said that when Mykelti was dating Tony in the beginning, she was out a lot and they rarely saw her. Kody and his family are fundamentalist Mormons, while Chris and Dawn are Mormon and do not practice plural marriage. Mykelti’s mother Christine said to TLC that she finds it terrible that her daughter was turned away from the Mormon church just because of her parents’ lifestyle.

An August wedding, which is two months after Caleb and Madison’s wedding, is what Tony and Mykelti originally planned. Kody wanted more time to talk the two of them into waiting longer before marrying, but he said he didn’t want to push them away. Mykelti’s parents requested that the couple wait to get engaged until Mykelti’s mom Christine becomes a little more comfortable with the idea. At the same time, Chris and Dawn tried to remind them that the wedding is about Mykelti and Tony rather than them.

Fortunately for Kody and Christine, Mykelti and Tony have not yet married.

Family Is Important For the Couple

In recent weeks, Mykelti celebrated her bridal shower and said that one of the best parts about the occasion was being with family. She told People:

My favorite part of my bridal shower was all my friends and family being together for me and for my family in-law to be with them. The decorations and the setting was perfect and the whole day was just as I hoped. I had so much fun conversing and seeing all of them. Awkward to open gifts in front of so many people, but a real pleasure to have them all there.

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