AUDIO: Carrie Fisher 911 Call From United Airlines Released

The 911 call United Airlines Operations placed on December 23 to tell emergency personnel on the ground in Los Angeles that Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack reveals that the pilot tried to speed up landing to get the Star Wars actress help in time. Fisher died at the hospital four days after suffering the heart attack.

The tape was first posted by TMZ. The United Airlines operator tells the 911 operator on the ground that the flight from London to Los Angeles is only 10 minutes away from landing.

The United Airlines operator tells the 911 operator that there was a “medical emergency” on the flight. When the 911 operator asks when the plane is expecting to arrive, she said it was “making up time” as the pilot tried to get into Los Angeles ahead of the 12:28 p.m. scheduled time.

When TMZ first reported that Fisher suffered a heart attack, the site reported that Fisher was “unresponsive” when they landed. There was an emergency medical technician on the flight with Fisher and the person tried to revive her. It took 15 minutes of CPR to get a pulse.

The emergency dispatch 911 call has also been made public and can be heard below.

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Fisher was rushed from the airport to UCLA Medical Center, where she was on a ventilator. TMZ reported that she never regained consciousness. She died on December 27 at age 60. On the next day, Fisher’s mother, Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds, died at age 84.

Fisher finished work on Star Wars: Episode VIII before her death, but she was also expected to play a major role in Episode IX, which is scheduled for 2019. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the Disney Star Wars team is meeting to figure out how to respond to Fisher’s death. Production isn’t expected to start until early 2018, so writers Colin Treverrow and Derek Connolly have time to re-work the script.

On December 30, Insurance Insider reported that Disney had a $50 million insurance plan that Lloyd’s of London is looking to pay out.

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