Danielle Lombard, ‘The Bachelor’ 2017: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Danielle Lombard is a contestant on The Bachelor 2017 and tonight, she gets her very first solo date with star Nick Viall. On the date, Lombard and Viall get to see a concert by country artist Chris Lane and they run into some surprises as well. Get to know about Lombard’s one-on-one time with Viall, her fate on the show, details about this season’s reported winner, and accusations against Lombard this season by reading on below.


1. Contestant Vanessa Grimaldi Makes Accusations Against Lombard On the Show

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Now that was a great date! #thebachelor

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On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Vanessa Grimaldi tells Nick Viall that Lombard does not have true intentions. Reality Steve states that:

At the after party, apparently this is where drama started with Vanessa, as she told Nick & others that Danielle Lombard was fake, even though Danielle and Vanessa were supposedly friends up to that point. Whatever the case, and I’m sure we’ll see more of what went down, but this is where Vanessa’s edit could start taking a turn. But she “warned” Nick about Danielle on this date, which was ironically, the day after Nick had a 1-on-1 with Danielle.

The accusations Vanessa makes against Danielle take place after a group date on a dairy farm.

2. An Ex-Girlfriend of Nick Viall’s Appears On His Solo Date With Lombard

Nick Viall takes the contestants to his hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin and there, he goes on his first one-on-one date with Danielle Lombard. They meet at a coffee shop called the Steaming Cup and “coincidentally” run into an ex-girlfriend of Viall’s named Amber. ABC reports that Nick Viall runs into someone from his past while Reality Steve said that this was a total set-up by producers.

3. On the Couple’s Solo Date, Lombard Suffered Major Wardrobe Malfunctions

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For the couple’s one-on-one date, they went to a coffee shop and later got to see a fireworks show before a concert. The concert featured music artist Chris Lane, who performed the songs “Fix” and “For Her”. Some of Nick Viall’s friends are reported to have been at the concert that night as well.

What was most interesting about the date, as reported by Reality Steve, is that Lombard kept exposing herself in a loose-fitting shirt. Reality Steve stated:

Danielle wore a very loose fitting and low cut top that left little to the imagination every time her nipples kept popping out. Will be interesting to see them edit it out since apparently it was happening non stop.

In the above video, you can see the malfunction and also here a woman scream about seeing Lombard’s nipples.

4. Lombard Does Not Win This Season


Danielle Lombard is not the season 21 winner of The Bachelor. According to Reality Steve, the contestant who wins this season is Vanessa Grimaldi, which is ironic for Lombard since Grimaldi puts her on blast with Nick Viall this season. The final four contestants this season include: Grimaldi, Raven Gates, Rachel Lindsay and Corinne Olympios. So, when does Lombard get sent home? Her elimination comes a little later this season after she wins a two-on-one date. Though she triumphs over the other girl, Nick Viall then realizes that he is not as invested in the relationship with Lombard as she is, so he sends her home.

5. She Beats Out Contestant Whitney Fransway On Her Two-On-One Date


Though Lombard doesn’t last long after her two-on-one date this season, she does beat out contestant Whitney Fransway. Fransway is the other girl on the date and Nick Viall lets her go instead of Lombard, according to Reality Steve. The solo date takes place in St. Thomas, with Viall and Lombard leaving Fransway on a private island. Fransway is actually good friends with former Bachelor contestant Lucy Aragon.