‘Diesel Brothers’, Discovery Channel: Meet the Season 2 Cast

Diesel Brothers Cast

Tonight, Diesel Brothers is back for Season 2, and the DieselSellerz gang is gearing up to build bigger and badder trucks than last season. The show premiered on January 4, 2016, on Discovery Channel, and was an instant hit. It chronicles the lives of Heavy D and Diesel Dave as they repair broken down trucks and trick them out with pranks and stunt driving for sales. When the Diesel Brothers launched Discovery's "Motor Mondays", they raked in more than 2 million viewers per episode, making it the highest-rated new adult series in two years. The men, in the business of finding, fixing, and flipping rides, and are looking to giveaway some of their best creations this season, and according to Broadway World, two people looking to buy a tricked out diesel truck will be former running back Marshawn Lynch and actor Chuck Norris. Click through our gallery to meet the cast of Season 2 of Diesel Brothers. (Facebook/HeavyD)