Eden Brolin as Charlie, ‘Beyond’

Eden Brolin

On tonight's episode of Beyond, Eden Brolin will make her debut on the series as Charlie, a cool young woman with a tough exterior whose "special gift" gets her in trouble, writes the Hollywood Reporter. In their review of Season 1 of the show, Gizmodo writes, "I really liked Eden Brolin as Charlie, a girl who also came out of a coma with powers. She appeared halfway through the season like a breath of fresh air, a fully realised character in a sea of two-dimensional ones. She stood out as the best part of the entire show." Eden is Josh Brolin's daughter, and was born in LA in 1994. She has appeared in films like Emerald City as Lucy, and Manson's Lost Girls as Susan Atkins. Click through our gallery to learn more about Eden, and what's coming up in Beyond. (ABC)