‘Emerald City’ Cast of Characters

'Emerald City' Cast of Characters

Dorothy Gale gets swept up in a tornado and transported to the faraway land of Oz, which sets off a prophecy for everyone in the city. As she makes her way to find The Wizard, she comes into contact with witches, creatures and other beings. The official NBC synopsis of the new series reads: Swept up into the eye of a tornado, 20-year-old Dorothy Gale (Adria Arjona) is transported to another world — a mystical land where an all-powerful ruler (Vincent D’Onofrio) governs over one kingdom, has outlawed magic, and faces not only the wrath of a growing cauldron of witches but a looming disaster brought on by a mythical force. Epic, romantic and fantastical, “Emerald City” is an empowering tale of a young woman finding her true strength and identity even as she battles to bring a divided world together. Get the rundown on each of the cast members and the characters who they are playing in our Emerald City gallery. (Photo by: Michael Muller/NBC)

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1 Comment

Sheri Shirey

With its gorgeous costumes and sets and its idyllic cinematography, this show has so much potential. But the writing is at best uninspired, and the plot is desperately in need of a wake-up slap. While it’s painful to watch the brilliant Vincent D’Onofrio deliver such lackluster lines the female lead, Adria Arjona, who plays Dorothy, appears to be either drugged or half asleep while half-whispering her lines with zero emotion. Maybe its supposed to be sexy, but to me it comes off as annoying as hell.

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