Read: George Michael Committed Suicide, Fadi Fawaz Twitter Page Says

Tweets from the account of George Michael’s last boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz – who found the singer deceased in his bed – have alleged that Michael killed himself. However, Fawaz says his account was hacked and he did not send the tweets.

The series of typo-riddled posts appeared January 1 on Twitter. A few minutes later, Fawaz’s Twitter page was deleted.

You can read the tweets here:

fadi fawaz, george michael suicide

Fadi Fawaz tweets from January 1.

Michael’s publicist has said the singer died from a heart attack. However, Michael’s autopsy was inconclusive and more tests are being performed. Fawaz previously told CNN that the couple was supposed to go to Christmas lunch, and he found Michael, 53, dead in bed.

Early on January 1, the Twitter page of Fawaz, Michael’s final relationship, alleged, “the only thing George wanted is to DIE.”

The next post said, “he tired (sic) numbers of time to kill himself many times…”

And then: “and finally he managed…”

Fawaz, a fine art photographer who had changed his profile picture to one of himself with Michael, added, “we loved each other very much and we were together almost 24 hours a day..”

Although Fawaz’s account was quickly deleted, some people had already seen the posts and grew concerned.

The BBC reported December 30 that a post-mortem into Michael’s death was “inconclusive.”

“More tests will now be carried out to determine what led to his death,” BBC reported, saying that Michael’s death remained unexplained but was not being considered suspicious. TMZ reported before the tweets from Fawaz’s page that sources had denied to the entertainment site that “there was any evidence Michael OD’d,” but the site added, “it is interesting the autopsy showed no apparent reason why the singer passed.”

There were a series of reports in UK tabloids in recent days that a former boyfriend of George Michael, Kenny Goss, had tried to save the singer’s life. Reported the Mirror: “The last few months had been chaotic and troubling for George. He had become increasingly isolated and depressed.”

The singer had struggled with drug addiction for years, and the last photo showed that his weight had ballooned.

You can read more about Fawaz here. The pair’s relationship had been known since at least 2015, when they were photographed holding hands in Switzerland.

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