‘Grimm’ Season 6 Premiere: Cast & Spoilers

Grimm may be entering its sixth and final season on NBC, but the show's creative and executive producers are determined to go out with a bang. When the show returns tonight, Renard will blame Bonaparte's death on Nick, and use his new position as mayor to defeat his rival. Nick and his crew will do their best to stay a step ahead of Nick, and based on his recent interview with TV Line, it seems Renard's power will only take him so far. "When we finished on Season 5, [Renard's] really on top and that changes very quickly by Episode 3 [of the new season].″ In an exciting twist, Renard will find a new partner and confidante in his daughter, Diana, and the two will form a tight bond that allows them to rely on one another for support. But will Renard's relationship with his daughter be built on honesty, or does he intend on manipulating her for her powers? The show's actors have kept the contents of Season 6 under wraps, but hinted that Renard is still his deceitful self deep down. “We’ll say he’s still Renard, so he sees the potential of ‘Maybe I lost all this, but I’ve got this little lady who is quite a powder keg, so possibly I can use that to my advantage..." The final run of Grimm could also include a possible comeback for Hummel, and will feature 16 episodes. Click through our gallery to learn more about the cast, and spoilers for the upcoming season. (NBC)

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