‘Hunted’ CBS Show Cast: Meet the Hunters & Command Center

'Hunted' CBS Show Cast: Meet the Hunters & Command Center Investigators

There are 32 of the top investigators in the world working to track down nine teams of two contestants, aka "fugitives", on the new reality competition series Hunted. The hunters uncover weaknesses and analyze every possible digital footprint while the contestants try to "disappear" for 28 days. The fugitives were each given a one-hour head start and five hundred dollars to stay hidden in a 100,000 square-mile radius throughout Florida, Georgia and a couple other southern states. Whoever can evade the investigators and former law enforcement agents and remains free until the end can pick up a grand prize of $250,000. If you'd like to check out the fugitives who are on the run, click here for our contestant gallery. Now, get to know the experts who are on the hunt to find each one of them in our "hunters" gallery by clicking through. (CBS)

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