‘Hunted’ TV Show Cast 2017: Meet the Fugitives
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‘Hunted’ TV Show Cast 2017: Meet the Fugitives


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Donna Lenning

The fugitives should of been taken some hints from Jennifer’s Lopez in Enough. She had everything packed ahead of time. Fake ID’s, Clothes, money, etc. And this was in the second car that she probably bought for cash. Get ahold of friends ahead of time and erace stuff on your phone and get one of those throwaways. She should also toss her original phone in a produce truck going in the opposite direction.


According to the rules they couldn’t pre plan and they didn’t know when they would leave… I would like to be on the show. Oh yeah that was a good show, Enough.. bad ass..


They get two weeks notice, but it could start anytime with those 14 days.


You sure there professionals because. If you give the fugitives money with the only way to get money thru a atm that’s a heads up why and can they disguise themselves let’s get real here and only a hour COME ON.


Are you kidding me? Look at the other side of what you are saying? What if there were African-American ‘fugitives’ then you could say, ‘oh sure, they have to put on African-American to be HUNTED…. And what about the Chinese, or the French or the Italians or the Native Americans or the……… come on, just leave it alone1

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