Mary Tyler Moore’s Husbands: Photos of the Men She’s Loved

Mary Tyler Moore was married to three men and romantically connected to several more. She was married to Richard Carleton Meeker, Grant Tinker, and Dr. Robert Levine. Even Elvis Presley was once in love with the beloved beauty. But through all her years of looking for love, she finally found lasting love with her last husband, Dr. Robert Levine. When she passed away, her third husband, Dr. Robert Levine, was by her side. Click through the gallery to learn more about Mary Tyler Moore's romantic connections. (Getty)



Karen Martin

I always enjoyed Mary Tyler Moore! She was an inspiration for all that is good! Never heard a bad word about anyone, didn’t get into politics or religion with the public, and truly made everyone feel good. I will miss her being with us!


Thank you for your wit, you will be missed. You open the door for Independence among women, your strength and shine cannot be matched !
Goodbye Mary Tyler Moore rest in peace you were a true gem.

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