Meryl Streep, The Cecil B. DeMille Award: Golden Globes 2017


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Ornetta Marshall

Meryl Streep what a jerk you were tonight !!! Do you think by putting down the new president that anyone cares what you have to say !? I use to like you but now i can not stand you !! You are like so many others in hollywood that are so blind to what is happening to our country ! YOU ARE A DISGRACE !


I agree with your comment and what about the slam to Football?
The players work their butts off to play at that level. Much like acting

Ornetta Marshall

Oh by the way nothing you say or do Meryl Streep will change the fact that we will have a new president. ! America has spoken !!


Too bad you stupid liberal. You and the rest of Hollywood can go to hell. The majority of America has spoken and elected trump to clean up the mess your beloved piece of shit obama and the rest of the liberals have created. I wish ISIS could have made it to the red carpet!!


Aaaand she uses the award as an opportunity to mount her soapbox… Not a classy move from an actress I’ve alway thought of as classy. Too bad.

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