Sylvester Stallone’s Youngest Daughter Scarlet Rose – Miss Golden Globes 2017

Scarlet Stallone

Scarlet, Sistine, and Sophia are the three daughters of Sylvester Stallone who have the honor of being the Miss Golden Globes of 2017. Scarlet is the youngest of the three girls and is spotted the least out and about since she's only 14 years old. Older sister Sophia is in college while Sistine is pursuing a career in modeling with the help of their mother Jennifer Flavin. When it comes to being a part of the Golden Globes, Scarlet and her sister's main focus is "not falling." In an interview with People, Scarlet confessed: I’m the most clumsy out of all of them. Her sister Sophia echoed that, out of the three, Scarlet would be the most likely to stumble. But, Scarlet did say her father has been training her in heels about an hour each day, so that she is less likely to trip and fall. For more information on Scarlet, her relationship with her dad and her sisters, click through our gallery of her best photos. (Instagram)