‘Quantico’ Season 2: Midseason Premiere & Cast Spoilers

'Quantico' Season 2 Cast Spoilers

Tonight, Quantico returns with its Season 2 midseason premiere, and the episode is gearing up to be a steamy one. The CIA trainees will be learning about the art of seduction, which will undoubtedly lead to some racy scenes between our favorite characters. When we left off, Alex had accepted Ryan's marriage proposal, but then learned he's one of the terrorists. "That was a big shocker. None of us saw that twist coming. I think that takes her a while to also understand, and she goes into figuring out why Ryan would do what he did. And the answers there will be very interesting. It is a theme of the back half of the season," Chopra told the Hollywood Reporter. Ryan's ex-wife, Hannah, will also make an appearance tonight, adding more drama to the mix. In a photo that Joshua Safran released on Twitter last week, we see Sebastian's character kissing Harry, who looks utterly confused. Click through to learn more about the midseason premiere, and get your cast spoilers. (ABC)