‘Rosewood’ Season 2 Returns: Cast & Spoilers

'Rosewood' Cast & Spoilers

Tonight, Season 2 of Rosewood returns with Episode 10, "Bacterium & Brothers Panitch". In this evening's episode, an armed man, Owen, disguised in an East Miami Police uniform will take Rosewood, Villa, Slade, and others hostage in the police department. When we left off with the show's winter finale (for those needing a refresher, the episode was titled "Half-Life and Havana Nights"), Rosewood makes it clear that he intends to bring Elena's killer to justice, and travels to Cuba with Villa to find the man he thinks may be responsible. In what was a rather shocking moment, Rosewood brought them to Michelle (she's still alive!) who reveals that she ran away with her boyfriend years ago because life with her father was unbearable. After some good detective work, Rosewood, Villa, Ryan, and Ira realize that Elena was kept in the boat house before her body was found, and they put together that Harley's the killer-- and Michelle and Donna are with Harley at that very moment. Thankfully, they save them, and Harley's taken away in handcuffs. We think he's going to live-- that is, until Elena's father erupts from the crowd and kills him. Click through our gallery for more spoilers and information on the cast. (FOX)

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