‘Salem’ Series Finale Spoilers

Tonight is the series finale of Salem and it's gearing up to be a bumpy (and horrific) ride. The final episode of the series is called Black Sunday, and is projected to be an emotional roller coaster as Anne gives the speech of a lifetime and us viewers get to see what Hell looks like. Since Anne's husband is trapped in the house and she's made her way back to the dark side, Anne takes it upon herself to declare to the people of Salem that they are all being ruled by witches and that Black Sunday is coming. At the end of the last episode, Anne opened the door to Hell, and the Devil healed her son-- much to her horror. Tonight will pick up where last episode's left off- with the Devil, greeted by Mary and Anne, hoping to make Mary his bride. Tonight will be mysterious, terrifying, and in the words of SpoilerTV, we will watch as love proves to be either "fatal or a blessing for some of our couples." Click through our gallery to check out some spoilers for tonight. (WGN)

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