‘Seven Year Switch’ FYI Season 2 Cast

"Seven Year Switch" Season 2 Cast

An all-new season of Seven Year Switch premieres tonight on the FYI network, with four new couples participating under the guidance of experts Jessica Griffin and Charles J. Orlando. The show focuses on eight people who will engage in a two-week program, living with another person in a mock-marriage. Each individual is coming to a breaking point in their own marriage and hopes this will either give them clarity or fix their own love life. The official synopsis of the premiere episode reads: The participants meet the person they'll be living with in an experimental marriage; there are gut-wrenching revelations as they view confessions from their partners. It sounds like drama begins from the very start of the season. Get to know each of the couples who are appearing on the show this season by clicking through our 2017 cast gallery. (FYI)

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I agree!!! She was biting her lip and knew she would be the only one to take her wedding ring off. She is a whore!!!


I agree, Dustin doesn’t want to be married. Kelsey is bored in her marriage, she’ll definitely cheat. She’s only staying married to not disappoint her parents.


It’s like watching a train wreak in slow motion and its hilarious.
The two so called” Experts” are a joke. At one point last nite one of them stated that they were not encouraging or suggesting that the couples cheat on their spouses and the next scene was the discovery of only one bed.
The betting odds are that brunett that is already complaining about dead bedroom will be the first to cross the line with tattooed trailer dude. She couldn’t get her wedding rings off fast enough.
Anybody want to make a wager?

Paula T

The spoiled self entitled chick is just a whore she actually had a great husband but it seems like she looking to go out and get lauded every nite I’ve never really cared about people on TV shows but that bitch Kelsey I think her name is I pray her husband would grow a backbone and open his eyes SHE DOES NOT LOVE YOU, LEAVE HER. I KNOW YOU LOVE HER BUT THE FEELINGS ARENOT MUTUAL DIVORCE Her AND FIND A REAL WOMAN WHO APPRECIATES YOU
P.S. Kelsey please your not 15yrs old can you stop flipping your hair tks

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