Stephen Huszar as Plunder on ‘The Flash’

On tonight's midseason premiere of The Flash, Barry will be tormented by his vision of the future in which his girlfriend, Iris, is murdered by Savitar. When a villain and master sharpshooter named Plunder shows up in town, Barry convinces himself that if he stops Plunder, then Iris will die for sure. This decision to not go after Plunder confuses Wally, who decides to step in as Kid Flash. Actor Stephen Huszar will be playing Plunder on The Flash evening. According to the comics, Plunder was the mirror world version of Detective Jared Morillo, and when Flash went to the mirror world he discovered that Plunder was there to kill him in exchange for money. Huszar, a Canadian film and TV actor, most recently appeared in the TV series Letterkenny, in which he played the recurring role of Yorkie. Last year, he also appeared in the Freeform series Shadowhunters as Brad. According to his Facebook page, Huszar graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, and attended Aden Bowman Collegiate high school. Click through our gallery to learn more about Huszar, and what's coming up in The Flash. (CW)

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