‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers – Episode 5 1/23/2017

The drama on The Bachelor continues tonight with another episode. More hearts will break, more fights will go down and more girls will be sent home. Just a warning for fans out there, if you are NOT interested in reading spoilers on tonight’s episode, STOP READING NOW. If you ARE down for some fun details about the show, read on.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started with an official synopsis of tonight’s episode on ABC:

Level-headed Vanessa turns fierce as she confronts Nick about his behavior and intentions when it comes to Corinne. Two unsuspecting women are sent home that night at the rose ceremony. The remaining bachelorettes are headed to Nick’s hometown of Waukesha, Wisconsin, to get a close-up look at where he grew up. One hopeful bachelorette takes a stroll down memory lane with Nick, and they unexpectedly run into someone from his past. A romantic dinner leads to a surprise concert by new country star Chris Lane. Thirteen women get to test their skills as ranch hands for a down-home date on a local farm, but not all the ladies feel at home. The final one-on-one date goes to a lovely small-town bachelorette. Their day of family fun culminates with an intimate dinner and the usually shy woman reveals a fiery side Nick has not seen before. After weeks of tension, some of the bachelorettes have it out at the cocktail party– insults fly! Do they want to win Nick’s heart or just win?

For more spoilers and information on tonight’s episode, read on below.

Vanessa Dishes To Nick About Two of the Other Contestants

On the previous episode, Vanessa got her solo date with Nick and she got physically sick on a zero-gravity plane rise. Tonight, Vanessa confronts Nick about his intentions after the girls see him getting very affectionate with the overtly sexual Corinne. Later on in the episode, Bachelor guru Reality Steve reports that Vanessa also dishes to Nick about contestant Danielle Lombard, telling Nick that she is fake.

The Solo Dates Go To …

Tonight’s one-on-one dates go to Danielle Lombard and Raven Gates. Danielle apparently has some wardrobe malfunctions on this date, but we’re not sure if they will be blurred or just cut out all together. For Danielle’s date, she and Nick hit up a coffee shop as well as a Chris Lane concert with some of Nick’s buddies attending that night as well. Raven’s solo date involves roller-skating with Nick’s little sister Bella and hanging with some of his family. Both girls get the rose.

For the group date, the girls hit up a dairy farm and contestant Kristina gets the group date rose.

Nick Viall’s Ex-Girlfriend Appears

What is a season of The Bachelor without an ex being thrown in the mix. When Nick takes the girls to his hometown, he coincidentally bumps into his ex-girlfriend Amber. Today, Amber has definitely moved on with a husband and family, but, Reality Steve stated:

They dated before she was even with her current husband. This was a set up by Nick and producers as Amber was contacted by them and told where to be and at what time so Nick and his date could “accidentally” run into an ex.

Taylor & Corinne Get Into a Fight at the Cocktail Party

As usual, there is drama surrounding Corinne, and tonight, there is a blow-up between Corinne and contestant Taylor. The feud continues after this episode as well and the two of them actually end up on a dreaded two-on-one date. But, for tonight, Reality Steve reports that:

The Corinne vs Taylor feud hits a boiling point … Taylor being a mental health counselor with a degree from Johns Hopkins University was very opinionated about the other girls. She didn’t take to Corinne all that well and called her “emotionally unintelligent.” That didn’t go over well and the drama ensued.

Who are you rooting for? Taylor or Corinne?

And the Eliminations Are …

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ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Last week, viewers did not get to see the rose ceremony yet, which means that it will be featured on tonight’s episode. Dominique Alexis was sent home earlier in the episode, but the two girls who Reality Steve reports as getting eliminated at the ceremony are Brittany Farrar & Christen Whitney. Fans know them as the girl who wore leaves on her group date and the virgin who Nick’s one-night-stand Liz talked to about her secret.

We’re not sure if the next rose ceremony will happen this episode or not, but if it does, Astrid Loch and Sarah Vendal will be sent home.