‘The Wheel’ Show Cast on Discovery Channel

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“The Wheel” Cast

The Wheel premieres at 10 p.m. ET/PT on January 13, 2017 on the Discovery network with six survivalists trying to make it in the wild. But, this isn’t your average competition. Discovery’s official synopsis of the show reads: “The Wheel” dares six participants to survive in six distinctly grueling landscapes across South America. With every turn of the wheel, each survivalist is dropped into a new isolated location, exposed to the world’s deadliest terrains including freezing tundra, rugged mountains and treacherous rainforest. Participants don’t know when or why the wheel will turn – nor that their stint at each spot is determined by the rotation of the moon. Equipped only with light survival packs and SOS devices that can be used at any time to quit the challenge and call for help, they must fend for their lives by procuring food, water and shelter. Each of the contestants will have to battle six different environments over the course of 60 days, but none of them are actual survivalists. This time, the contestants are everyday people, who just want to prove they can survive. What the contestants don’t know is that “The Wheel” is actually a mechanism that mirrors the lunar calendar. So, the viewers will know when it will move, but the cast members are in the dark. Will each of them have what it takes to survive? Get to know each of the cast members below.

Kat Dellinger

Dellinger works as a Nurse Anesthetist and she stands at a tall 6’1″ in height. Discovery reports that Dellinger hopes to prove to her family and friends that she is “super mom.” Dellinger is a vegetarian and has no experience in hunting or fishing, but she has hiked the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee and the Art Loeb Trail in North Carolina.

Luke Soderling

Soderling believes he has what it takes and he works as a Plumber & Firearms Instructor when he’s not trying to survive in the wild. According to his Discovery bio, he has battled and won the fight against stage 3 thyroid cancer. He was raised in Minnesota’s Iron Range and has a lot of experience camping, hiking and even hunting.

Josh Morin

Morin works as the CEO of a company called Conscious Connections. He originally thought he would become a professional wrestler, but a back injury took him out of the game. Recently, Morin backpacked the Na Pali Coast in Kuai and he is an expert fire-starter. He also is experienced in fishing, but isn’t necessarily good at hunting, as reported by Discovery.

Adam Kimble

Kimble is a man of many trades. He is a runner, a coach and a public speaker in his every day life. In 2014, he and his wife actually quit their jobs to travel the world for a year and now he’s taking on The Wheel. One of Kimble’s motivations, according to Discovery, is for a friend of his, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer and has been given 6-16 months to live. Some of Kimble’s disadvantages on this journey may be that he has never hunted before and that he is a Pescatarian.

Lindsay Phenix

Phenix is a fitness model as well as a massage therapist, but she was raised in a military family. She is determined and in being on the show, she hopes to honor the memory of her grandfather, who passed away in May. Her Discovery bio states that her disadvantages include her small frame and her not being a fan of cold weather.

Shon Joyner

Joyner is just 5’4″ tall and he works in sales. Joyner considers himself the underdog in life as well as this competition and he is proficient in skiing, dancing and fishing. Discovery reports he was in the US Marines Corps from 2002-2010 and in 2008, he was a Presidential guard to President Bush.

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