Who Wins ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 This Season?

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Nick Viall has his hands full this season on The Bachelor and the winner has already been reported by Bachelor guru Reality Steve. If you do NOT want to know who the reported winner is, then stop reading now. Okay, let’s get down to the main question of, “Who wins The Bachelor 2017?” The answer is Vanessa Grimaldi and tonight, she has her first solo date with Nick Viall. Reality Steve has reported that Grimaldi is the winner, but he doesn’t have much faith in the couple, especially because Viall lives in Los Angeles, which is a long way away from Grimaldi.

On tonight’s episode of the show, Grimaldi goes on a zero-gravity date with Viall where they float around in an airplane. Unfortunately, Grimaldi becomes sick and feels very nauseous, even grabbing a puke bag. She voices that she worries her being nauseous may ruin the date, but onlookers have told Life And Style Magazine that the two appeared to be very affectionate. A witness stated:

They looked totally in love. They were acting like a couple on their honeymoon … They were kissing passionately on the plane … They were so affectionate. I’d be surprised if she isn’t the front-runner.

The witness then revealed:

She got airsick and threw up at one point. But otherwise, they had a great time.

Check out a clip of Grimaldi’s sick moment on her solo date in the below video.

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Reality Steve has reported that Grimaldi and contestant Raven Gates are the final two this season, though he says the media will try to sway the thinking of Bachelor viewers over the course of the season. Reality Steve explains:

The show and tabloids will do whatever they can in the next few months to make you think it’s an ending that’s different from what I reported. “Nick walks away!” “Nick ends up alone!” I can see all the headlines now. As I say every season, this isn’t a guess. This isn’t speculation. This is what happens. People can choose to believe this information or not, and there are always those that will doubt and are entitled to their own opinion – however wrong it may be.

As for the couple’s future together in the long-run, Reality Steve believes that they will end up just another Bachelor statistic. He dished his own opinions on the couple, saying:

Will they last? Probably not. Despite everything that Nick claims, he did this season to strictly promote his career. No different than any other lead. He’s been taking acting classes in LA for a while now, so if Vanessa is even considering this relationship to be serious, she’s gonna have to move to LA for this to work. Sorry, but Nick is not moving to Canada.

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