Andi Dorfman on Tonight’s Episode of ‘The Bachelor’ 2017

Andi Dorfman

Andi Dorfman has written two books and has moved to New York since her days of being The Bachelorette. Years ago, Nick Viall and Josh Murray were the final two on her season of the show, but she ultimately chose Murray. Dorfman's relationship definitely had some rocky moments, especially when Nick Viall revealed on national television that he and Dorfman had sex in the fantasy suite together. Ultimately, Dorfman and Murray ended their engagement and Dorfman went on to give her take on her relationship with Murray. It was not a pretty picture that Dorfman painted of him. Last week on The Bachelor, Dorfman showed up at star Nick Viall's hotel room and tonight, we find out why. Both Dorfman and Viall appear uncomfortable, but Dorfman uses the opportunity to confront Viall about the past. Dorfman even asks him if he regrets announcing to the world that they had sex. So, why does Dorfman show up? Why not, right? Bachelor Nation is always game for more drama. Unfortunately for Dorfman lovers, she's not trying to win Viall back or join the show. She's only there for ratings and to "check in" on Viall. For additional information on what Dorfman has been up to, what Josh Murray recently said about her, and more, click through our gallery of her best Instagram pics. (Instagram/Andi_Dorfman)

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