Andi Dorfman Appears on ‘The Bachelor’ After Tell-All Book

Andi Dorfman was the first woman to dump Nick Viall on national television when Viall was a contestant on The Bachelorette. Viall was first runner-up after Josh Murray swept Dorfman off her feet. And, Viall made headlines when he revealed that he had sex with Dorfman in the fantasy suite on their overnight date. Then, when Kaitlyn Bristowe became The Bachelorette, Viall came in second once again. Recently, Dorfman and Bristowe joined forces and sat with Viall on a live episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Check out a clip from the get-together below.

In the clip, Andi Dorfman reveals that she was at the wedding where Viall hooked up with Bachelor cast-off Liz from this season. She also revealed that she was the single girl and she appears to still be single. Both Dorfman and Bristowe also had their predictions for this season of The Bachelor. Check out their guesses below.

Recently, Dorfman has been showing off her writing skills and residing in New York City. She has also been hitting up fashion shows and modeling a bit. In her writings, Dorfman has dished about her on-screen dating life and had some unflattering things to say about ex-boyfriend Josh Murray, saying he was emotionally abusive. Murray’s public response was:

I respect the private relationship we had those eight months. I personally choose to go through life building people up, not tearing them down. I sincerely pray for her. I only wish her nothing but the best.

Over the summer, viewers saw Viall and Murray vie again for the same woman on Bachelor In Paradise, single mother Amanda Stanton. Murray ended up engaged to Stanton, but the couple is no longer together.

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Andi Dorfman pays Nick Viall a visit prior to the rose ceremony and shares some advice with him. Reality Steve previously reported that:

Andi Dorfman shows up to give Nick “advice.” But you can bet your sweet ass that when this episode airs, and they first start teasing a female “showing up” on this episode, they’re going to make the unspoiled viewer out there think that Andi is coming on because she wants Nick back or something ridiculous. Wasn’t the case. She just gave him “advice” as only a NY Times-best-selling-author-who-already-sold-Nick-out-in-her-book can.

For more info on tonight’s episode:

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I realize she’s getting old and still single, but she has gotten too much Botox and work done to her face. Her face looks scary.

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