Britney Spears Movie 2017 Cast: Who Is Natasha Bassett?

"Britney Ever After" 2017 Cast

The Britney Spears biopic movie on Lifetime is titled Britney Ever After and fresh face Natasha Bassett is playing Britney Spears. The movie will follow the beginnings of Spears' career, through the rough patches, the relationships, and the personal triumphs. The official Lifetime plot description of the movie reads: The movie follows the tumultuous story of the pop icon: her rise to fame, fall from grace and eventual triumphant resurrection, firmly securing her position as one of the world’s greatest entertainers. Director Leslie Libman talked about the biopic to ABC News, explaining that: [She was] a prisoner of celebrity. She can’t go anywhere, she can’t do anything ... it’s like living in a glass box. As for what a rep for Britney Spears had to say to ABC News, the rep said: Britney will not be contributing to the project in any way, shape or form nor does it have her blessing. As for actress Natasha Bassett, who plays Spears in the movie, she apparently didn't even know what she was getting into when she first auditioned. She explained to People: When I auditioned for the part, I didn’t actually know the movie was about Britney Spears. I hadn’t been given a full script and was told the character’s name was Jenny Jean. Because of the name, I thought it was probably set in the 1950s ... I was offered the role a few days later with the side note that it was, in fact, about Britney Spears. Bassett then added: I grew up idolizing Britney. She was a big part of my tween era. I would practice catwalks in my room to her songs and sing her songs into my hairbrush, so it was really intimidating to play her. I just want to do her justice. There’s a fearlessness to her that I really admire. Get to know more about Britney Ever After and who plays Justin Timberlake, Kevin Federline, along with some of the other people in Spears' life, when you click through our cast gallery. (Photo: Jenna Berman)