Corinne Olympios’ Hometown Date on ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Tonight

Corinne Olympios

This season's designated villain of The Bachelor, Corinne Olympios, brings Nick Viall to Florida for her hometown date. All season long, Olympios has talked about running her family's multi-million-dollar company and about her nanny Raquel. The other contestants have questioned her about both, appearing to be in disbelief when it comes to Olympios' business. In addition, some cast members have voiced that they believe Olympios is too immature and don't understand why an adult woman would need a "nanny." Olympios has called Raquel part of the family and on tonight's episode, Nick Viall actually sits down with Raquel to talk about Olympios. As far as Olympios' family business goes, TMZ previously reported that it is a business in Miami that is called Armor Garage, which "sells epoxy floor coverings for garages." The Inquistr has also reported on the family business, saying that Olympios works there primarily in sales. The Inquistr also reports that Olympios does not work full-time at the company as she has other projects going on as well. For more information on Olympios' family, nanny and hometown date, click through our gallery of her best pics from tonight's episode. (ABC/Jeff Daly)