Desiinger and MadeInTyo Featured in New Adidas Commerical

Adidas has rolled out a brand new commercial, which features rappers Desiigner and MadeInTyo. The commercial is a music video of the two performing a remix of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.

All of this is apart of Adidas’ new “Original is never finished” campaign, which thrives on the concepts of originality and limitlessness. Around this time last year, Adidas revealed their “Your future is not mine” campaign, which consisted of a similar stream of creative and cryptic videos.

The brand chose MadeInTyo and Desiigner to participate in this year’s campaign, because of the way that both of them have impacted the music industry when. Both rappers made their success in the music industry happen on their own terms and displayed distinctive styles while doing so.

Their next celebrity featured commercial will have Snoop Dogg.