Does Caleb Die Tonight On Episode 2 of ‘Bates Motel’ Season 5?

Did Caleb die tonight at the end of Bates Motel‘s episode 2 from season 5? We’ll have to wait and find out Caleb’s fate next week, but we are guessing that fans may have to say goodbye to him. With the way the final season is going, viewers are sure to bid farewell to some of their favorite characters from the series.

Below, check out a full recap of tonight’s episode, including Caleb’s violent encounter with “Mother.”

Norman is driving on what appears to be a peaceful day until we see that he is nearing a prison. Romero is in the prison kitchen washing dishes when Norman shows up to visit him. Romero is shocked to see Norman, who reveals to him that he knows about the “friend” Romero sent to kill him. Norman then talks to Romero about when he was locked up, himself, blaming Romero for his being put away. As Norman leaves, Romero warns him that he’s coming for him when he least expects it.

Meanwhile, Dylan and Emma deal with Caleb’s leaving. Emma reveals to Dylan that she spoke with Caleb about his complicated relationship with them and how it wouldn’t be good for their daughter when she grows up. Dylan says he feels sad, as well as relieved. Then Emma opens up about her mother, who she wishes she had a relationship with. Emma still has no idea that Norman previously killed her mom.

Caleb ventures back to White Pine Bay and makes his way up to the house. With no one home, Caleb finds a way to get inside and is calling out to his sister Norma, but sees that the house is dark and quiet. He looks all around the house, in each room, and he finds a book called “The Lost Art of Mummification.” With no response in the house, Caleb leaves.

Romero is back in the kitchen in prison when a fight starts between him and another prisoner. Romero is hoping that he can use his being injured in the fight as a way for him to get out of jail.

In downtown White Pine Bay, Norman sits in a coffee shop while he admires the woman, Madeleine, from the hardware store. Madeleine makes her way over to the shop and has a chat with Norman, asking if she can set him up with someone. She was hoping to set him up with a girl named Joanne and double date. Reluctant at the set up, but excited to spend time with Madeleine, Norman accepts. Madeleine’s husband Sam shows up and Norman realizes that Sam is a man who previously took his mistress to the Bates Motel.

Norman arrives home to find Mother studying French on her laptop. Mother then questions Norman about his whereabouts all day. Norman then tells Mother that he visited Romero in prison, explaining that Romero is crazy. Norma says that she can take care of Romero whenever he gets out of prison.

Soon, they are interrupted by Chick, who appears at their front door to “check on” Norman. He brings Norman some apples and says that he actually came to show him something. Chick has a sack with him and says he has a business proposition for him, which is a rare bird that he needs stuffed. Chick says that he’ll bring Norman “specimens” and he’ll help him sell his “works of art.” Chick says he’s broke and needs the money. He then strangely asks Norman how the freezer is working … Chick is unaware that Mother is in the freezer.

Caleb checks into a motel called Kings Motel and the man in the office lets him know that Norma is dead. The man says that it was reported as a suicide.

Back at the Bates Motel, Madeleine’s husband Sam shows up to talk to Norman, warning him to stay out of his relationship with his wife. Sam tells Norman that he’s a nice guy, but warns Norman not to “screw with” him.

Meanwhile, Caleb heads to the cemetery where he finds a very detailed headstone of his sister’s, which is dedicated to her from Norman. Caleb kneels on the ground and sobs as he hugs Norma’s tombstone.

Norman finds Mother smoking while listening to French music. He asks her if she still loves Romero and Norman is not convinced when she replies, “No.” Mother asks Norman where he’s venturing out to and he says “a business meeting.” Out on a double date, Norman and Sam are unimpressed with Madeleine’s friend Joanne. Sam and Madeleine show some tension at dinner. Joanne tells Norman that she heard about his mother and that she was sorry. Norman reveals to Sam that she committed suicide. Before running off to the bathroom, Madeleine tells Norman that she’s happy he came to dinner.

While in the restaurant bathroom, Mother shows up to confront Norman about his lying to her about his dinner date. Norman ushers Mother out of the bathroom window and tells her to hide in the car while he finishes his evening. Mother wants to know why Norman is hanging out with a woman who looks like her.

Romero consults with a lawyer about either being moved out of the prison he is in, saying he feels a responsibility to stay alive so that he can care for his dead wife’s son. Clearly, this is a lie.

Mother decides that she is going to go out and she walks into a bar. Norman takes on the personality of Mother as she sits and speaks with a bartender about being a caretaker for a mentally ill person. She says that she doesn’t think her “patient” likes her anymore. Mother says that she always has to get him out of problems because he doesn’t listen to her. The bartender praises Mother for taking care of someone the way she does.

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Chick is sitting in a bar writing when Caleb walks in and takes a shot. Chick sits down next to Caleb, who warns him to not mess with him. When Chick starts talking about how Caleb raped Norma when they were younger, Caleb attacks him. Chick realizes that Caleb just found out about Norma’s death. The two have a brief conversation outside the bar and Caleb reveals that he believes Norman killed Norma. Caleb vows that Norman “will not get away with it.” He takes a cab back to the Bates Motel and breaks into the house, shattering one of the front door windows. Caleb frantically runs all over the house calling out to his nephew Norman. Caleb calls out to Norman, saying he knows what he did. Soon, Caleb ventures down into the basement, where he discovers Norma’s frozen shrine. Norman runs up behind Caleb as Mother and attacks Caleb.

Chick appears and is shocked. As Mother, Norman turns to Chick and says, “Well, now you know, Chick. I’m still alive.”

The episode ends here, but we are definitely going to speculate that Norman and Chick team up to at least kill Caleb. In a video preview of the season, Chick is shown burning what appears to be a body on the lake. We are going to guess that it’s Caleb.

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Why? Its suspenseful and tells a pre-story to a classic. Well acted, well produced.. There are many shows on television who are needing removal far more than Bate’s Motel.


Oh I think Bates Motel is a great show.I looked forward to it every year. Its funny scarey. All of the actors and actresses do a great job. Wish they had more seasons ahead.

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