Eugene & Negan on ‘The Walking Dead’: The Best Memes You Need to See

eugene and negan

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Eugene had the absolutely perfect role on the latest episode of The Walking Dead. The way he can adapt to his situation and come out on top was absolutely remarkable. Not to mention how much more power he has at the end, compared to any place that he’s been before. These are the best reactions, tweets, and memes that are being shared online after “Hostiles and Calamities.”

First there was the moment when Eugene was told he could have anything… Hmm, maybe that was a mistake?

When Eugene was called a coward… Well, yeah, we all know that already, including Eugene:

But where did he get all those bomb supplies?

Doesn’t really matter. He was a genius:

Here’s another great GIF about Eugene making bombs:

This was pretty much Eugene throughout the entire episode:

Eugene’s ability to lie has been a huge problem for the protagonists on the show. But right now, we’re not minding it as much:

But he better not let all that power go to his head:

But let’s not forget the ultimate, bone-chilling moment:

It was the absolute perfect thing to say:

Do you believe Eugene is really Negan now?

There’s always another way to look at the whole thing though:

Maybe he needs a reminder of who he really is?

It may be awhile before we know for certain what he meant:

And at the very end, Eugene smiled. Bet it was for a similar reason as Rick’s smile:

Read more about tonight’s episode below:

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