Farrah Abraham’s Mom Debra Danielsen’s Music Video for Debz OG

'DebzOG' Official Music Video Premiere | Teen Mom: Being Debra | MTVDebra releases her FIRST ever music video for her rap song DebzOG! Be sure to catch the “Being Debra” special on WEDNESDAY at 8/7c to see the making of the song and video! #MTV #TeenMomOG #DebzOG Subscribe to MTV: goo.gl/NThuhC In 16 and Pregnant, they were moms-to-be. Now, follow Farrah, Maci, Amber, and Catelynn as…2017-02-14T21:36:28.000Z

Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra Danielsen has come out with an alter-ego, Debz OG. Recently, Danielsen premiered her first-ever music video on MTV, titled “Debz OG”, and tonight, she has a special on MTV. Her TV special is called Being Debra and viewers can see the making of both the song and video on the show. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Danielsen talked about rap in general, saying:

To me, rap music is talking about what’s real, what’s affecting people. I love it, I take it seriously and I think it’s “bring people together” music. I started really listening to Drake and Nicki Minaj and people like that. I’m inspired by their honesty. I’m inspired by how hard they work. A lot of people don’t take rap seriously, they don’t see it as hard work.

Danielsen then opened up about the criticism she expects to receive with the release of her music video. She stated:

There’s going to be criticism, but this is the youngest I’m ever going to be and I sort feel like a little teenager. I’m like, “Hey, let’s get out there and let’s make it happen.” There’s a big Baby Boom generation out there right now, and I see a lot of people at a certain age, and they’re like, “Oh, we’re old, we’re not going to do anything, let’s hang it up, let’s go fishing or let’s sit down.” Not me.

As for Danielsen’s fiance “Dr. David,” the two got engaged in October 2016. Last season on Teen Mom OG, his meeting daughter Farrah Abraham did not go over well. When Dr. David Merz started to voice his opinions about Abraham’s life, she began to cry and was not a fan of his. Fortunately, it looks like Abraham is at least tolerating him more as Mom Danielsen told Cosmopolitan:

Farrah wants to be able to make everything work here, we both do. She wants to be able to get to know David better. Here’s where we are: We both want to make sure that the men that we are with are family-oriented and there to love us genuinely, and so I think that’s the process.

See a photo of Dr. Merz below.

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Dr. Merz is a doctor who specializes in infectious diseases and lives in Marquette, Michigan, according to Starcasm. So how did Merz meet Danielsen? The Teen Mom OG star revealed to Starcasm that:

David and I met in a great dating site called Elite Singles.

Prior to meeting Merz, Danielsen said that she was involved in a catfishing relationship, so dating has not always been easy for her.

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