WATCH: Justin Timberlake Opens the Oscars With ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’

Justin Timberlake kicked off tonight’s 2017 Oscars with almost a concert performance. Performing his Best Song-nominated hit “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Timberlake started off in thelobby of the event and made his way through the audience, gathering dancers who joined him along the way. When making his way to the front of the room, he smiled and put his arm around Best Actor nominee Ryan Gosling. Check out the performance in the above tweet.

Timberlake definitely brought high energy to the room, with dancers carrying out a routine down the aisles, bringing the entire room to its feet. Cameras zoomed in on some of our favorite celebrities, dancing and singing along to the song. Timberlake’s wife Jessica Biel also was shown smiling and clapping along. Shortly after, she joined her man in the aisle as he hugged and danced with her.

In the middle of the performance, Timberlake began to sing “Lovely Day” and gave a shout out to Denzel Washington.

After Timberlake’s performance, host Jimmy Kimmel took the stage and Timberlake threw a microphone at him. Kimmel then joked that if the other guys from NSYNC saw that performance, they may let him back in the group.

Kimmel went on to deliver a hilarious opening monologue, poking fun at Donald Trump, Meryl Streep and Matt Damon.