WATCH: Metallica’s Microphone Fails During Grammys Performance With Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Metallica has been a long-awaited performance for the 2017 Grammy Awards and tonight, it finally went down. They took the stage together, but the performance had a small mishap. Lead singer James Hetfield’s microphone wasn’t working for the first verse of the song.

Gaga and Hetfield carried on and delivered an awesome performance together, filled with fire and sexy dance moves. Halfway through the performance, Gaga jumped into the audience to crowd surf.

Though the artists were able to overcome the hiccup, Hetfield appeared angry at the end, walking towards the back of the stage and tossing his guitar in the air to someone.

Metallica’s performance tonight was of their song “Moth Into Flame” and one of the big reasons they were performing tonight was to help promote their upcoming tour.

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Metallica wasn’t the only performer to suffer a setback during their performance tonight. Adele performed a tribute to George Michael and part of the way through, she had to stop the performance. She was visibly upset, apologized and asked the audience if she could start over. The audience cheered her on, but Adele still appeared very disappointed at the end of her performance.

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