MTV ‘The Challenge’ 2017 Cast: Meet the Invasion Contestants of Season 29

MTV 'The Challenge' 2017 Cast

This season has a brand new twist on The Challenge, with 18 underdogs as contestants, believing that they are the sole competitors on the show. Host TJ Lavin tells them that no veteran winners are in the mix and they don't have to worry about some of the fierce competitors they've been up against in the past. A sigh of relief falls over the contestants, but the atmosphere doesn't stay peaceful for too long. When the 18 underdogs arrive, they realize they are staying in "The Shelter," which is bare-minimum accommodations. They must earn their spots at the mansion, aka "The Oasis," but only 12 of them will make it through. The show is filmed entirely in Thailand this season and there is $350,000 up for grabs as the grand prize. Get some spoilers on each of the cast members, from the rookies to the elite 8 competitors who will have the underdogs shaking in their boots. Click through our contestant gallery for the rundown on each of them. (MTV)

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