Oscars 2017: Photos of Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy From ‘Jackie’

At tonight's 89th Academy Awards, Natalie Portman has been nominated for Best Actress for her work as Jackie Kennedy in the film, Jackie. The movie was written by Noah Oppenheim and directed by Pablo Larrain, and was released in the US by Fox Searchlight Pictures on December 2, 2016. At the Oscars, the movie has been nominated for Best Actress, Best Original Score, and Best Costume Design. Jackie follows the First Lady in the immediate aftermath of her husband's death in 1963. During a phone interview with the Washington Post, Portman admitted that one of the hardest parts about playing Jackie was mastering the First Lady's voice. "When you hear the real thing the first time, you’re like, ‘Nooo, it’s impossible,’ ” she said. “I’ve never thought of myself as particularly skilled with accents, voices, mimicry or anything like that. It’s scary to put that on, in a film, when it’s not yours.” Ultimately, Portman says that unlocking that voice was the most essential part of being able to play Jackie convincingly. Click through our gallery to check out some of the best photos of Natalie Portman as Jackie Kennedy. (Fox Searchlight Pictures)