Raven Gates, ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Hometown Date

Raven Gates

Raven Gates is one of the contestants who brings Nick Viall on a hometown date for tonight's episode of The Bachelor. On their date, they get down and dirty in the mud together, and they definitely appear to have a great connection. Viall tells the cameras that they have amazing physical chemistry and that it's so easy to have fun with Gates. He also says that Gates is beautiful and he loves being in the moment with her. Gates is the owner of Grey Suede, which is a fashion boutique located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. According to TVOverMind, Gates opened the boutique with less than $1,000 after her father was diagnosed with lung cancer. She realized life is too short and decided to try to live out her dreams. On tonight's episode, Gates' dad reveals some hopeful news about his health. Get to know more about Gates' hometown date, her relationship with Nick Viall, episode spoilers on who gets eliminated and more in our gallery of Gates' best pics from tonight's show. (ABC/Drew Cason)