Rihanna Grammys Reactions: The Best GIFS & Tweets

Beyonce might have stolen the show, but Rihanna’s reactions at the Grammys were the star on social media.

Her reaction to Bruno Mars. Her reaction to Beyonce (kiss blowing). Her reaction to Adele. Her reaction to her flask. You name it: Rihanna reacted, and Twitter did too.

People adopted a new “Rihanna reaction test” for assessing people’s Grammy performances.

People thought Rihanna deserved her own special award.

Fans couldn’t believe the only hardware Rihanna took home was her flask.

She likes Beyonce.

Many people saw themselves in Rihanna’s reactions. Rihanna was the opposite of a sore loser; even when the camera captured her after she lost an award to someone else, she reacted with class.

Rihanna was quite expressive at the Grammys.

Rihanna drinking at the Grammys was a thing too. People admired her jewel-encrusted flask. And wondered what was in it. According to EW, “She sipped out of it throughout the night and even danced with the flask during A Tribe Called Quest’s performance.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, “Rihanna was caught on camera during the broadcast swigging from the flask, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and passing it along to the woman next to her, who took a shot as well.”

Her reaction to Adele’s tribute to the late pop star George Michael drew special attention. She captured what many people felt when Adele movingly stopped and restarted her performance in honor of the 80s singer. She ended up giving a great performance after the abrupt false start.

She seemed to enjoy Katy Perry’s performance too.

See the Adele moment here:

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