‘Taken’: Meet the Cast of NBC’s New Series

Clive Standen as Bryan Mills

The newest series from NBC to get the coveted post-The Voice slot is Taken, based on the blockbuster movie franchise led by LiaM Neeson. In the three films, Neeson played retired CIA operative Byron Mills, who famously has a "particular set of skills." The series stars Clive Standen as Mills, but 30 years younger. After a personal tragedy, he is recruited to join the CIA. Luc Besson, who produced the original films, is a producer on the series, which was developed by Homeland writer Alexander Cary.

Fans of the History Channel's Vikings will recognize Standen, as he played warrior Rollo in the series. He's also known for playing Sir Gawain in Starz's Camelot and the title character in BBC America's Robin Hood. He also starred in Everest and Hammer of the Gods. He played Private Carl Harris on Doctor Who. Like Neeson, Standen was born in Northern Ireland.

Click through to meet the rest of Taken's cast. The young Bryan Mills can't save the world by himself. (Photo by: Jeff Riedel/NBC)

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1 Comment

1 Comment

Cecil Krieger

He runs like John McClain
Shoots like Martin Riggs
Fights like Bryan Mills
Drives like the Transporter
And as cool as Bruce Lee
Welcome to the new TV show “Taken”

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