Who Gets Eliminated Tonight on ‘The Bachelor’? – 2/13/2017

Who Gets Eliminated Tonight on "The Bachelor" 2017?

On tonight's episode of The Bachelor, Nick Viall sits down to talk about his worries with host Chris Harrison. Last week, Viall started to cry and confessed to the six remaining women that he was having doubts. He was scared that he wouldn't end up finding love on the show. So, tonight, the women deal with the aftermath of Viall's confession. In addition, emotions and tension runs high, with more tears and definitely more drama. Before Nick Viall goes on hometown dates with the remaining four women, two contestants must be sent home. If you DO NOT WANT TO KNOW who gets eliminated tonight or any episode spoilers, then STOP READING NOW. Otherwise, click through our gallery to get to know each of the next cast-offs. (ABC)