‘The Breaks’, VH1: Meet the Cast

Tonight is the premiere of VH1's The Breaks, which follows the evolution of hip-hop through a trio of friends striving to make their dreams come true. The show is set in 1990 in New York-- right on the cusp of the golden age of hip-hop, in the words of the Los Angeles Times. Speaking about the period in which the show is set, co-creator Seith Man says, "That period was very violent and very rough, but also very innocent in a lot of ways, especially the music... And that’s what we want to capture in the show — how hip-hop grew from that innocence to a dominating business, how people in the arc of a season try to make choices so that they can make art." The show chronicles the relationship between Deevee, Nikki,and David, and is intended as a sequel of sorts to VH1's 2016 film of the same name. It is inspired by Dan Charnas' book "The Big Payback". Click through our gallery to meet the cast of the new VH1 show. (Getty)

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