‘The Walking Dead’: Who Were Negan’s Wives? [PHOTOS]

(AMC/The Walking Dead)

(AMC/The Walking Dead)

On tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, we got to know three of Negan’s wives a lot better. Negan “assigned” them to spend time with Eugene, where fans learned more about their personalities and got to see them interact with one of the most unique characters in The Walking Dead genre. But who are the actresses who play Negan’s wives?

Here’s what you need to know.

(Note: This article has spoilers through Season 7 Episode 11.) 

Autumn Dial Plays the Blonde Wife, Amber

Autumn Dial played the role of the blonde wife who was crying a lot and getting very drunk during her first meeting with Eugene. Her character’s name was Amber, and she was the one that the other wives claimed was depressed. (Note: Some people incorrectly say that Lindsey Register played Amber, but Lindsey played the blonde who was accompanying Eugene when he first entered the Saviors’ camp.)

Amber joined the Saviors with her mom. She became one of Negan’s wives because her mom needed medicine (at least, according to a story the other wives told Eugene.)

Autumn tweeted about Amber’s role during the show:

She seems pretty happy about her role on the show.

Negan’s Red-Headed Wife, Frankie, Is Played By Elyse Dufour

Elyse Dufour plays the role of Negan’s red-headed wife, Frankie. She’s also been tweeting about her role on the show, including a photo with the other two wives:

Chloe Aktas Played Negan’s Black-Haired Wife, Tanya

And finally, Negan’s dark-haired wife, Tanya, was played by Chloe Aktas. She was first seen in the episode “Sing Me A Song.” Here’s another picture of Chloe:



Here are some more photos of Chloe from other projects: