WATCH: Alec Baldwin Plays Donald Trump on ‘Saturday Night Live’ ‘People’s Court’

Since Melissa McCarthy dominated the cold open with another performance as Donald Trump press secretary Sean Spicer, Saturday Night Live‘s February 11 episode, host Alec Baldwin had to wait to bring out the Trump impression that annoys the president so much. Covering a wide range of subjects from the week, the sketch was exactly what we hoped for. The SNL team also made viewers wait a long time, since the sketch wasn’t until after Weekend Update.

The sketch featured Trump trying to defend his immigration order against the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel of three judges, who upheld the hold on the ban. He also brought in Vladimir Putin to be his witness to help prove that the immigration order is necessary. In the middle of the hearing, “Trump” decided that he wanted to settle out of court.

At the end of the sketch, we are teased another case between Trump and a Nordstrum manager, but SNL cut to commercial instead. Unfortunately, it was the only time Baldwin played Trump all night. One could even argue that Leslie Jones played a better Trump than Baldwin… at least for a night.

Baldwin has been playing Trump all season and has been the target of several Trump tweets. In December, Baldwin offered to stop playing Trump if Trump finally released his tax returns. That still hasn’t happened, so Baldwin has continued to play Trump.

This was Baldwin’s 17th time hosting the show, a record for SNL. He broke his tie with Steve Martin, who has hosted 15 times since October 1976. Baldwin has hosted 17 times, first hosting in April 1990.

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