WATCH: Folk Singer Passenger Attacks President Trump in New Song

British folk musician Passenger (born Michael David Rosenberg) has led a quietly successful career since 2003, but it looks as though he’s now landed in the spotlight of controversy with “A Kindly Reminder,” a song that he’s  reportedly dedicated to President Donald J. Trump. Based on Passenger’s lyrics, however, we doubt President Trump would enjoy it.

The song discusses, among several other things, climate change, Trump’s travel ban, and the fact that he’s already upset China in his brief tenure as President. Passenger’s lyrics, while catchy, are far from subtle, with lines like “Maybe its because your hands are so small/that’s why you had to build such a big f*cking wall,” and “you’re carving divides through every state/and you’re filling up hearts with fear and hate.”

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According to the singer’s Instagram, the proceeds from the song are being “donated to a charity working on the front lines of the refugee phenomenon by providing search and rescue services in the mediterranean to the men, women and children fleeing persecution and violence.” Check out Passenger’s full post below.

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hello everyone , hope you’re all doing well . here is a new song that i wrote a week or so ago and after much deliberation have decided to share with you all … let me start by saying i have never felt the need to write a song like this before . i am by no means an expert in global politics nor feel that my opinion should be any more valued than the next guy . i do feel , however , that we all have a responsibility to speak out about the things that we believe in . whatever they may be and in whatever fashion we choose . this should be a basic right for everybody . secondly , please take this song with a pinch of salt . there is of course a message behind it but at the same time it really is meant as a bit of fun and light relief :-) I’m well aware that some of you won’t share the opinions that are voiced here and i’m by no means trying to force my way of thinking on to anyone . if however you agree with what i’m saying and want to get behind it then please share it . if enough of you do , who knows this might reach a few people and even make a small difference . if you feel passionately about it then it is available to stream or buy from here every penny that is made from sales , streams and views will be donated to a charity working on the front lines of the refugee phenomenon by providing search and rescue services in the mediterranean to the men , women and children fleeing persecution and violence . thank you to @jarradseng for bending over backwards to make this video happen . to and stephen casey for the briliant illustrations and animation. to my manager dan for always backing me and somehow getting this all together so quickly and also to chris vallejo and my wonderful band for getting involved . thank you all so much for watching . mike / passenger

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