What Did Abby, Raven & Murphy Find at the End of ‘The 100’?

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Abby, Raven, & Murphy made a big discovery on The 100. (CW/The 100)

Near the end of The 100, Season 4 Episode 4 (“A Lie Guarded”), Abby and Raven’s group ventured to Becca’s abandoned laboratory, where they found something that might look very familiar to you. We’re going to reveal what they found (or at least, what it looked like) in this story and why you might feel like you’ve seen this somewhere before. But a warning: This post will have spoilers through “A Lie Guarded.”

Here’s what you need to know.

Near the end of “A Lie Guarded,” after fighting off drones and convincing Luna not to run away, Abby and Raven’s group finally found what they had been searching for: Becca’s abandoned lab. This lab may house the key to the creation of nightsblood and saving everyone.

But something about the lab may have looked very familiar to you. It’s because the lab’s lookalike has been in the news a lot lately.

The scene we’re talking about occurred near the end, when Abby & company finally got to see Becca’s lab. Once they ventured inside, it was almost like heaven on Earth to them. Here’s Raven’s reaction:

But the outside of the lab looks like a building that’s been in the front and center of news coverage lately, especially as people become concerned doomsday and post-apocalyptic topics. You see, the building looked a lot like the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, pictured below:

seed vault

A general view of the entrance of the international gene bank Svalbard Global Seed Vault (SGSV), outside Longyearbyen on Spitsbergen, Norway, on February 29, 2016. (Getty)

It’s doubtful that it’s the same vault, although the outside of the vault certainly does look like the same thing. The Svalbard seed vault is in Norway. Most scenes from The 100 are taking place in Virginia. Sure, they had to travel by water to get to Becca’s abandoned lab. But it would take a long time to travel all the way to Norway.

The Norway seed vault is nicknamed the “doomsday vault.” It’s designed to protect nearly every variety of food crop on the world. Here’s a video showing the inside of the vault, which could very well serve as a bunker:

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This vault has actually been seen from a different angle in The 100‘s opening credits. Check it out around :28 below:

VideoVideo related to what did abby, raven & murphy find at the end of ‘the 100’?2017-02-23T01:01:28-05:00

And here’s a photo of it from the opening credits:

Becca's Vault (CW/The 100)

Becca’s Vault (CW/The 100)

The writers of The 100 tweeted about the new lab a little bit during the episode.

The inside of Becca’s lab really does remind us of her ship a lot. But as for the outside… Well, it actually is like something we’ve seen before: Norway’s doomsday seed vault. But as one astute viewer noted:

Because of location issues, this likely isn’t supposed to be the actual Seed Vault from Norway, but was inspired by it. In fact, The 100 writers later acknowledged this:

Showing us this lab was a fascinating way to help close out the episode. In fact, every episode so far this season has been amazing. Fans are still raving about last week’s Season 4 Episode 3 and the in-depth character development viewers have been seeing.

On an interesting note, the Norway seed vault that inspired Becca’s lab has been a big source of conspiracy theories and doomsday theories this month. WikiLeaks even tweeted about it as part of a secretive series of tweets released near the beginning of February, but never explained:

To read more about the Vault 7 mystery, check out Heavy’s story below:

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