Who Won ‘The New Celebrity Apprentice’ Tonight?

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Boy George and Matt Iseman were the final two contestants left on The New Celebrity Apprentice. While George has brought a lot of creativity to the table, Iseman brought some major wins. Both of them managed to raise $100,000 for each of their charities over the course of the season. So, which of them is the New Celebrity Apprentice?

The final task was to put together fundraising and a variety show for Carnival Cruises. To assist the two finalists with their goal, several fellow contestants, who were previously eliminated, returned. Helping Boy George was Laila Ali, Porsha Williams and Carson Kressley and fresh out the gate, George hired their keyboard player because of his attitude. Fortunately, he was able to find a replacement.

As for Matt Iseman, the contestants helping him were Carnie Wilson, Carrie Keagan and Kyle Richards.

The checks started rolling in for each team and Matt Iseman even got $75,000 from CVS Pharmacy, along with $100,000 check and a $250,000 from other people. Boy George received several large checks, including a $90,000 check from Caitlyn Jenner. Upon greeting Boy George, she also congratulated him on his eighth anniversary of being sober.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger, his nephew Patrick and Tyra Banks came into the space, Matt Iseman immediately greeted them with a mock passport as a guide to the areas of the room. As Iseman took the stage to deliver his presentation, he did an impression of Schwarzenegger right in front of him and the Governor appeared to very much enjoy it. Iseman then got emotional, opening up about why he’s raising money for The Arthritis Foundation. He personally has rheumatoid arthritis, which is a chronic disease with no treatment. As added entertainment, team member Carnie Wilson got her group Wilson Phillips together to sing “Hold On.”

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For Boy George’s presentation, they had catchy words about tan lines and buffet lines and funny phrases like, “Nothing to do? Exactly.” George then delivered performances of songs that he created just for Carnival Cruises. Upon finishing, Boy George welcomed Natasha Bedingfield to sing her hit song “Pocket Full of Sunshine.” Boy George then returned to stage to sing his hit “Karma Chameleon,” with Mel B appearing as well. Soon, George had everyone in the room dancing and joining him on stage to celebrate.

In the boardroom, both Iseman and George gushed about their team members, saying how wonderful they were to work with on the task. Kyle Richards said that Iseman’s ability to remain calm and cool was impressive to her. Porsha Williams praised Boy George for his direction and his always having a strong voice.

Tyra Banks told Boy George that the executives loved his performances and thought that his branding was on-point. As for Iseman, the execs loved his passport guide and enjoyed his presentation. When it came to fundraising, Boy George raised over $445,000 and Iseman raised over $573,000. With that announcement, the team members all left the board room while Iseman and George stayed behind. Arnold Schwarzenegger praised them each for their hard work over the course of the season and pointed out their strengths. He also congratulated them each on how much money they raised for their charities.

In the end, the winner was Matt Iseman.