‘Are You The One?’ Finale Recap: Did the Group Win?

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Tonight was the Season 5 finale of Are You the One, and the group did not win! That’s right– not everyone found their perfect match, making them the first group in history that didn’t win it all.

For those of you who need a brush up: the rules of the game are simple. 22 people are placed in a house. Everyone tries to pair up with their pre-selected ideal partner, which is based on a rigorous matching process calibrated by a team of relationship experts and psychologists. The group gets 10 tries to find their match if they want to walk away with their share of $1 million.

Last week, 9 couples were successfully paired. The group knew for sure which eight were perfect matches, but were still confused about the remaining six people.

The plan going into the finals was to find out Joey, Tyler or Derek’s perfect match. The guys were forced to eat some pretty disgusting food for a chance to take their loved ones out on a date. Joey ate an entire fish guts smoothie. Derek had to eat pig skin.

Casandra and Joey ended up in the truth booth, and the group took the trade– $800,000 was then on the line. Their choices in the end: Michael chose Kari. Ozzy chose Gianna. Mike chose Alicia. Joey chose Hannah. Tyler chose Casandra. Andre chose Kathryn. Derrick and Shannon. Turns out, not all those were the perfect matches.