Did Tyga Cheat On Blac Chyna With Her Former BFF Heather Sanders?

Blac Chyna put her former fiancé Tyga on blast Wednesday morning, and many believe that the model revealed some hidden things from their past.

Amidst her collection of insults, many of which refer to Tyga as a “b*tch,” Chyna drops a few hints at Tyga’s monetary status and his relationships. One post in particular read: “U can go get ur mom, or ur b*tch Lol!! Or ur n*gga u f*ckin… or Terrell, or heather!” The last name is especially interesting, and some are speculating as to whether Chyna is referring to her former best friend, Heather Sanders.

BLAC CHYNA VS HEATHER SANDERS SNAPCHAT FIGHT! (FULL)MASSIVE SNAPCHAT FIGHT! Blac Chyna and Heather Sanders calling each other out all over snapchat!! (FULL 14min FIGHT) including bringing Tyga into this and Including Heather's Boyfriend Trell #blacchyna #heathersanders #teamchyna #blacchynafight2015-12-27T09:49:11.000Z

Chyna and Sanders’ friendship came to an ugly close in 2015, when the two engaged in an Instagram feud that included insults regarding each other’s physical appearances. Chyna even threatened Sanders, saying “I could show you just how psychotic I really am. You could bring whoever.”

Given that Chyna alluded to the fact that Tyga cheated on her during their time together, and did the same during his time with Kylie Jenner, the inclusion of Sanders’ certainly begs a closer look. Did her and Tyga have a romantic relationship? Given the rapper’s history of alleged adultery, including a controversial encounter with a transsexual pornographic actress in 2015, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch. These rumors have persisted into his relationship with Kylie Jenner, which is currently going through a rough patch, according to E! Online.

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