‘Legion’: Chapter 8 Season Finale Spoilers

Tonight is the season finale of Legion on FX, and the culmination of what has been a crazy season. Combatting mental illness and learning that he's a telepathic mutant has been no easy task for David Haller, who, we now know, is the son of Charles Xavier. Last week's penultimate episode answered a lot of questions, but many loose ends will need to be tied up tonight for things to come full circle. The preview for this evening's episode reveals a member of the Division Three saying David is too dangerous to live. Tonight, it's also going to be important for fans to stick around and wait for the credits to finish rolling. Showrunner Noah Hawley hasn't details about what exactly to look out for, but he's hinted that he wants to give Marvel fans something to look forward to until next season. A teaser scene is what we're hoping for! Click through our gallery to see some spoiler pics for tonight and to learn more about what you can expect from the season finale of Legion. (FX)

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