‘Love Thy Neighbor’, OWN: Meet the Cast

'Love Thy Neighbor' Cast

Tonight is the fourth and final season premiere of Love Thy Neighbor on OWN. Love Thy Neighbor is a Tyler Perry comedy series that premiered in 2013. The show follows a middle class family and their joys, struggles, triumphs, and fumbles. Tonight's finale will feature back-to-back episodes-- in the first episode, "Locked Out", Linda grows concerned when Danny isolates himself in his apartment, and in the second, "Wine With Cereal", we find Danny in a huge funk after Troy leaves him. In January, OWN announced that Love Thy Neighbor would be coming to an end and had not been renewed for a fifth season. In an interview last year, one of the show's stars, Andre Hall, discussed what it was like working with the renowned Tyler Perry. He said, "Being around Mr. Perry, I try and pick his brain as often as possible. The way he can bring his visions to fruition is fascinating, the opportunity to work right next to him and ask questions is such a blessing." Click through our gallery to learn more about the stars of OWN's Love Thy Neighbor. (Discovery Press)