S-Town: Burt Family, K3, & KyKenKee Lumber


The Burt family is a central figure of S-Town podcast. There’s not a lot online about them, but there are a few details we’ve found. According to the first episodes of S-Town, the family is wealthy and owns a big lumber business throughout Alabama.  Here’s what we’ve been able to find online so far.

This story has spoilers through Episode 1 and Episode 2. 

The Burt Family Are Central Figures Early on in the Story

Kabram Burt (it’s unclear if that is the correct spelling — other suggestions include Kyabram) is a central figure in a story told by John McLemore (some spell it Macklemore, but this spelling is not correct), which drew Brian Reed to do the S-Town podcast. McLemore called Reed because he was concerned after hearing that someone named Dillon Nichols had died after getting in a fight with Kabram. The Burt family was well off and had a lot of land in the area, including a timber operation with lumberyards, the podcast reported.

It was later revealed by Reed, in episode 2, that Kabram had not committed a murder. Reed noted in episode 1 that there were times when John mentioned that maybe Dillon was still paralyzed and not dead, leaving Reed a bit confused. Most of McLemore’s  information was second-hand, based on comments from friends and things they said they overhead.

“Even though the murder and coverup weren’t real, everyone sure believed it,” Reed said, noting that McLemore was especially upset that no one really did anything about the rumors or investigated them.

KyKenKee Is Owned by the Burt Family

KyKenKee Lumber is owned by the Burt family, a central family in the S-Town podcast. It’s technically located in Greenpond, Alabama, according to the business’s website. The family also owns K3 Lumber LLC, which is also mentioned on KyKenKee’s website.

According to the business website, the business was originally named I.L. Burt and Sons until it was renamed in 1980. The business is owned by Kyle, Keefe, and Kendall Burt. Kendall is Kabram’s father, according to the podcast.

K3 Lumber Is ‘Like Lowes But in the Country’

There’s a K3 Lumber on Facebook, listed as being in McCalla, Alabama. One person commented that the business was sold about three years ago and a friend of his bought it.


One person described K3 as “Like Lowes but in the country.”


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