‘Stranded With a Million Dollars’, MTV: Meet the Cast

'Stranded With a Million Dollars' Cast

Tonight on the premiere of Stranded With a Million Dollars, a diverse group of ten millennials will be dropped in the middle of Taveuni, Fiji and given $1 million. Whoever survives for 40 days (which will include long journeys and physical challenges) will be able to split whatever's left of the $1 million. Throughout the journey, the groups will be tempted with survival supplies and comforts that are abnormally high in price. Creator Kevin Lee recently told Business Insider, "I was guilty of the preconceived notion that millennials are lazy and don't understand the value of money... And what happened during the 40 days that we were filming in the woods is that I learned that was wrong. That notion was wrong." Lee divulged that one of the biggest issues when it came to strategy was not investing early enough so that the groups would have supplies for later on in the 40 days. Another surprise to Lee was that people's bonds over money were stronger than their bonds over personality or cultural differences. Click through our gallery to learn more about the cast of Stranded With a Million Dollars. (MTV)

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