‘The 100’ Season 4 Episode 7: Photos from ‘Gimme Shelter’ [SPOILERS]


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Uh, does anyone else notice the expression on Clarke’s face? Or the pistol in her hand? Looks to me like EmorI managed to get herself sacrificed for the cause. Is that who she is now? Some kind of martyr? Hard for me to believe.


Murphy volunteered and Emori finds out and freaks out- he’s the only one for her (I think her brother died??). Then, when she’s on top of the stairs, they’re just treating him and she had to be somewhere near him
And it is Murphy, cause he has fair skin, and we can almost see his arm pits, but no bra- so it’s a man.


Looks to me like Monty is planning to head into that toxic rain…probably to do something quietly heroic that no one will appreciate.

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